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How to Generate Landscaping Leads: Top 8 Landscaping Marketing Ideas to Get More Landscaping Jobs

No matter where you’re located or how long your landscaping business has been established, you need leads to stay in business. Without a continuous flow of landscaping leads, bringing in new jobs and making money both become difficult. But when you create a system that regularly attracts new customers and delivers new landscaping leads to your business, that’s a recipe for:

  • More high-paying landscaping jobs
  • Increased revenue for you and your crew
  • Growth of your landscaping business

We know why generating quality landscaping leads is important, but how can you do it affordably and efficiently? The answer is good landscaping digital marketing. If you’ve ever wondered how to get more landscaping leads, follow the steps below to turn your business into a landscaping lead generation machine.

1. Get More Landscaping Leads Through Your Website

If you don’t have a landscaping website yet, one of the best things you can do for your business is to make one. 

A website acts as your business’s online storefront—it’s the foundation of your online presence and gives potential customers a place to:

  • Learn more about your landscaping business
  • Read about the landscaping services you provide
  • See your service area
  • Get in touch with you about landscaping jobs

Without a website, how are your potential clients going to find your business online? They won’t be able to find a way to contact you.


2. Take Pictures of Completed Jobs

Pictures tell a story – you know the old adage: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Make sure you take before and after photos of every landscaping job you take on. It’s a great way to show potential customers the way you work and it makes great content for social media marketing.

3. Utilize LinkedIn To Attract Commercial Leads

LinkedIn is a great social media platform to establish yourself as a landscaping expert and landscaping business owner—it’s a great place to generate landscaping leads.

How? Search for local businesses and property managers you can connect with and talk about the landscaping services your business provides.

4. Content Marketing

Creating content for your ideal clients is a great way to get more landscaping leads. Consider writing blog posts that you can post on your website or make short videos covering topics you think customers are interested in.

Some topic ideas:

Why should you get a paver driveway?

How to clean & maintain pavers?

How can homeowners cut lawn maintenance costs installing artificial grass?

5. Managing Your Reputation Online and Offline Affects Your Landscaping Business

When a customer is searching for your services online, they are also researching business’ reputations. They are looking to answer questions such as: What’s the quality of your work? Is your pricing fair?

Offline you can benefit from word of mouth referrals. Ask your satisfied customers if they can think of any family, friends, or neighbors who might need landscaping services. Give them business cards to pass around, or ask if you can put a temporary sign in their yard with your business information. (Business info including: name, phone number, website, etc.)

Online, you can create profiles for your landscaping business on review websites such as Google and Facebook. Make sure to ask your satisfied clients to leave a review. Doing that will make it more likely that you’ll bring in more landscaping leads.

6. Get More Landscaping Jobs Through Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Still wondering how to get more local landscaping leads for your business? Landscaping advertising on Facebook and Instagram can be a cost-effective method, provided you implement the right landscaping marketing strategy in place and know how to navigate the ad creation process on these social media platforms. Social media marketing is often included in digital marketing for landscaping companies.

You can target your ideal landscaping customers by their location and interests.

Using landscaping ads to this audience has the added benefit of creating and boosting awareness of your business. If people see your logo and your excavating and paving ads all over the place, they’re more likely to remember you when they need excavating and paving services in the future.

7. Partner Up With A Relevant Business

For example, you might want to partner up with a construction business owner and offer a discount to clients who use both of your services. In the end, this kind of combined marketing can lead to many more landscaping lead generation opportunities.

8. Sign Up With Steadfast Agency to Maximize Your Landscaping Company Marketing Budget

Landscaping website design isn’t the only element of an effective marketing strategy for landscaping companies, but it is vital. One of the best things you can do for your business is to make sure the custom website for your landscaping company has everything it needs to continuously generate local landscaping leads using the steps above.

Adding other elements to your marketing strategy, such as search engine optimization (SEO for landscaping companies) and reputation management, can vastly increase the amount of landscaping leads.

The team at Steadfast Agency specializes in creating landscaping company marketing strategies that generate local leads for businesses across the US.

All of our landscaping website designs feature the elements mentioned above, and our dedicated marketing experts can provide personalized suggestions for how to take your marketing to the next level.

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